On site management of construction machinery

The normal operation and service life of construction machinery are closely related to reasonable maintenance and meticulous maintenance. A large amount of investment in mechanization is to improve the efficiency and quality of construction. To achieve this goal, the management of mechanical equipment should be the basis. Only by strengthening and refining the management and maintenance of mechanical equipment, making the mechanical equipment in good working condition at all times, can the efficiency of mechanized construction and engineering quality be guaranteed. From the perspective of construction cost, the management of mechanical equipment can be regarded as the optimal management of resources and an effective measure to save costs.
In the construction site management, construction engineers are provided for the construction machinery operators to conduct detailed inspection and supervision on the maintenance of mechanical equipment, and the operators learn basic maintenance skills. At the same time, the causes of mechanical equipment failure are identified, and the function verification for the repaired mechanical equipment is carried out to ensure the accuracy of normal operation Equipment replacement of the same specification shall be recorded.
All kinds of management are lack of problems, the content of construction project site management is more, each item is closely related to construction safety. At present, the problem of poor management of machinery in construction enterprises is very serious. First of all, there is the problem of poor pipeline in the technical archives of machinery. The technical files include the safety system in the whole mechanical construction process, the safety construction scheme of mechanical construction, the personnel list of mechanical operators, the operation technical process of various special machines and the safety supervision records in the operation process, etc.