Mechanical bolt assembly process analysis

In order to ensure the quality of products, several assembly requirements are put forward, which should be guaranteed in the assembly process. In order to ensure effective assembly work, the machine is usually divided into several assembly units which can be assembled independently.
Bolt is an indispensable type of basic accessories in the process of mechanical equipment assembly. Basically, any equipment should be more or less applied to bolts in the process of actual manufacturing and assembly.
In the specific bolt assembly process, the assembly personnel should ensure the overall contact area of bolt head, nut and mechanical equipment connector, so as to effectively ensure the fastening degree between bolt and mechanical equipment connector. For the mechanical equipment with special contact area requirements, the assembly personnel should observe and inspect the contact area between the bolt and the mechanical equipment according to the specific equipment description and technical specifications. For the assembly process with pre tightening force requirements, the assembly personnel should adjust the bolt preload according to the actual requirements. At this time, the mechanical method, heating method and hydraulic stretching method can be selected to meet the requirements Meet the pre tightening force requirements of mechanical equipment for bolt assembly.
In the process of bolt assembly of stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other materials, the assembly personnel should apply lubricant on the thread surface to avoid adverse impact on the quality of bolt material itself, and is more conducive to the smooth assembly of bolts of the above materials.